Wednesday, 8 June 2011

loving you damm much sayang !

loving you
what a lovely thing to do
spend my lifetime loving  you
planning days that bring us plesure
building memories two can treasure
reaching milestone one by one
sharing problem , sharing fun
being close the friend best ever
making dreams come truth together

i just want to lay next to you for awhile
you look so handsome tonight
ur eye's so lovely
ur mouth so sweet
a lot of people misunderstand me
that because they dun know me at all
i just want to hold u n touch u
i need you
god i need you
i lurve you so much

ask my eye's to stop looking at u
ask my brain
to stop thinking bout you
ask my imigination to stop dreaming bout you
ask my heart to stop beating
ask me evrythink
but dun u ever ask me to stop from loving you 

i promise
i'll never stop loving you , no way !
the only reason that i may not one day
is not cheating or going astray
but by passing away :'(

heaving you in my life is a BEAUTIFUL feeling
u make me feel so SPECIAL
with all that u say .
with all that u do
and today that all I want to say is
ur the one I LURVE 
and no matter what .
I will keep LOVING YOU ~!

i swear that i lurve u dam much sayang . pliss don't go far from me cause i'm feel lonely when we apart .today i lurve u but tommorow i lurve u more than today . tengs for acept me in ur life . luff u until my last breath , hamizi <3

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